• Peter Siedlaczeks Smart Violins AKAi 4CDs Set
    November 11th, 2020
    Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

    Peter Siedlaczeks Smart Violins AKAi 4CDs Set

    Peter Siedlaczeks Smart Violins

    Team: SoSiSO | Jan 13, 2005 | 4CDs Set | 1.77 GB

    Once again, Germany’s premier orchestral team unites to bring the sounds of the orchestra to your sampler. The statistics of this release are impressive: a 16-violin ensemble performs around 3500 different licks and 200 multisamples, spread across four CDs. The idea is to provide a library of useful phrases for pop and dance production. There are three main phrase categories: first, and most obvious, are fast (mainly 16th-note) runs, which come in four flavours: straight ascending, straight descending, ‘sawtooth’ and ‘wavy’ ascending, the latter based on a rising series of four fast up-and-down phrases. Next come rather solemn slow phrases, of which there are two types: an arpeggio figure spanning ten scale steps, and a rising phrase based on the first five notes of the scale. All fast runs and slow phrases are based on the major scale, and all come to rest on a final half note.

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      September 24th, 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, E-MU

      E-MU Xtreme Lead X

      Team SoSiSO | Date: Jan 13, 2011 | 80,0 MB

      Xtreme Lead X is a faithful rendition of E-MU’s ground breaking Xtreme Lead-1 sound module, containing the original 512 presets and 1400 samples. From soothing ethereal pads and screaming digital moise to pounding drum kits and percussion, this sound library provides all the building blocks needed to produce your unique brand of dance music. All aspects of the Xtreme Lead X soundset have been meticulously programmed using the powerful integrated synthesis and effects parameters of the Emulator and Proteus X software instruments.

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      • Nu Metal City 2 MULTiFORMAT
        September 21st, 2020
        Categories: ACiD, AiFF, Audio Samples, REX2, RMX, WAV


        Nu Metal City 2 MULTiFORMAT

        Team SoSiSO | Jan 30,2009 | 3.64 GB

        Formats: WAV/REX/Apple Loops/RMX

        A hard-hitting collection of 25 Death Metal and Dark Metal construction kits (over 1100 loops). Nu Metal City 2 features live drums, screaming guitars, bass, grungy synth textures and atmospheres, plus two additional folders of live drum loops and guitar FX. All material comes in WAV, REX, Apple Loops and RMX format. Inspired by the music of bands like Pantera, The Haunted, Dark Funeral, Sepultura, Biohazard, Deicide, Demonoid, and others, Nu Metal City 2 is not for the faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.

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        • Dosch Design Audio Sounds WAV-SoSiSO
          June 23rd, 2019
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV


          Dosch Design Audio Sounds WAV

          Team SoSiSO | APRiL/14/2002 | 393.84 MB

          Dosch Sounds’ includes more than 200 different sound-effects for the use in movies, broadcast, video, presentation, computer-games etc. Very tremendous effects which enhance your media-production and deliver the proper atmosphere. All sound-effects are delivered as high-quality WAV-files in hi-fi- (44.100 kHz, 16bit Stereo) and low-fi- (22.050 kHz, 8bit Stereo) versions.

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          • Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit Putting It Together TUTORiAL-SoSiSO
            December 13th, 2017
            Categories: Tutorials


            Extra Credit Putting It Together TUTORiAL

            SoSiSO | Feb 04,2017 | 2.61 GB

            Kontakt Scripting

            If you’re a student of Kontakt scripting, you’ve built some sample libraries, and you want to see more advanced concepts used in a real world project then these tutorial videos are made for you. This class will be of most benefit for intermediate to advanced Kontakt scripters who are looking to work for clients and want to find ways to code more efficiently and effectively.

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            • Piano For Life TUTORiAL-SoSiSO
              February 6th, 2017
              Categories: Tutorials


              Piano For Life TUTORiAL

              SoSiSO | Feb 04,2017 | 11.36 GB

              A Classical Method of Instruction: Are you one of the twenty million Americans who took piano lessons in their youth but never became proficient? Dan and I are, and a seemingly common denominator amongst us quitters is that piano teachers within the last 100 years have relied too much on rigid teaching methods that result in months or even years of drudgery before a child is adept at making music.

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              • Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit Waveform Control TUTORiAL-SoSiSO
                January 26th, 2017
                Categories: Tutorials


                Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit Waveform Control TUTORiAL

                TEAM SoSiSO | 26.1.2017 | 707 MB

                If you’ve ever been curious to know more about the secret world of Kontakt’s waveform control then you’ve come to the right place. In this class you will discover tips and tricks to make the waveform control work for you and your projects. This is an intermediate to advanced level class so it is expected that you are familiar with the basics of Kontakt scripting.

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                • Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit Factory Scripts TUTORiAL-SoSiSO
                  January 26th, 2017
                  Categories: Tutorials


                  Kontakt Scripting Extra Credit Factory Scripts TUTORiAL

                  TEAM SoSiSO | 26.1.2017 | 2.58 GB

                  In this Kontakt scripting class you’ll learn everything you need to know to make use of Kontakt’s factory scripts in your own projects. This class is designed for Kontakt scripters who are familiar with the basics of KSP and want to expand their projects’ feature set without having to write extra code.

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                  • Mastering KONTAKT Scripting TUTORiAL-SoSiSO
                    January 19th, 2017
                    Categories: Tutorials


                    Mastering KONTAKT Scripting TUTORiAL

                    TEAM SoSISO | 19.1.2017 | 3.61 GB

                    If you’re new to the world of Kontakt scripting and want to go from magesy download zero to hero, novice to ninja, Padawan to Jedi, or – insert desired progression here – this is the course for you. In over twenty hours of video you’ll become and expert in the fundamentals of Kontakt scripting and quickly progress to the most advanced techniques used daily by professionals.

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                    • Combi Creation Series TUTORiAL-SoSiSO
                      January 19th, 2017
                      Categories: Tutorials


                      Combi Creation Series TUTORiAL

                      TEAM SoSISO | 19.1.2017 | 2.18 GB

                      This fantastic video tutorial series is the easiest way to learn about the many features of your M3! Within the “real-world” context of developing and editing a combi, you’ll be introduced to nearly all facets of the M3, from magesy download selecting and zoning programs, adding and configuring effects, assigning KARMA features to configuring all the sliders and left-hand controllers. Using Korg’s M3 Editor software, KARMA Sound Set Programmer Scott Raposa and KARMA Developer Stephen Kay start with a blank slate (an initialized combi) and take you step-by-step through the process of completing “House 101” – a completely finished KARMAfied Combi. With an easy to understand, step-by-step presentation format, they then teach you how to edit it to your liking, record it in the sequencer, and create a stereo WAVE file from magesy download it.

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