• The “MiDi Drum Tool Kit” Loop Pack MiDi
    April 12th, 2021
    Categories: Patterns MIDI

    The “MiDi Drum Tool Kit” Loop Pack MiDi

    MiDi Drum Tool Kit

    P2P | 12 April 2021 | 6 KB

    The long awaited and highly requested “MIDI Drum Toolkit” which contains 29 trap percussion loops including, 808 loops, kick loops, hi hat loops & more. You can drag & drop these loops to create a bounce in which you can add melodies too or, you can use them with your favorite MIDI melody pack to create hits quickly and consistently. These loops come in MIDI format so you can use them with any drum sounds of your choice.

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    • Inner City UK 140 BPM WAV-DiSCOVER
      April 11th, 2021
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Inner City UK 140 BPM WAV-DiSCOVER

      Inner City UK 140 BPM

      DiSCOVER | 11/December/2020 | 155MB

      Inspired by the sonic undercurrent of late night London and afterhours Bristol. The music born in dark, unexplored side streets where distant bass rumbles and mysterious gatherings occur. Creative ideas celebrated by counter-culture electronic aficionados. Directly for the jugular at a pace of 140 BPM, optimally designed for musical creativity. Distorted synth textures, gritty basslines and cinematic string arrangements create the backbone for an exceptional assemblage of production tools. A collection of sounds and loops essential for any producer whose music breaks away from expected genre rules. Trap, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, even House music makers can find the magic within this product. Heavily designed for those who prefer their music to sit in the minor keys, ‘Inner City UK 140 BPM’ is highly suitable for producers (and music lovers) who step far from the comforts of the main streets and rather discover musical virtue in the most unexpected of places. Gathering inspiration from forward thinking producers like Glume, Hi5Ghost, Commodo, Kahn & Neek, ‘Inner City UK 140 BPM’ was crafted with the primary use of heavily filtered saw and square wave basses in order to create a dark, dirty and twisted take.

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      • UK Drill And Trap WAV SAMPLES-DiSCOVER
        April 10th, 2021
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        UK Drill And Trap WAV SAMPLES-DiSCOVER

        UK Drill & Trap WAV

        DiSCOVER | 10/December/2020 | 661MB

        Welcome to the 140 and 150 bpm icy underworld of ‘UK Drill and Trap’. Dazed digital summed up the genre well “Drill originated in Chicago, going global in 2012. The UK version deploys the same melancholic, trap-tinged beats, the same slang, and the same nihilistic fixation on violence. UK Drill is defined by an estate-bound, hyper-local mentality. In a scene structured around pre-existing gang rivalries.” Alongside synths, music loops, brass, and string wavs this pack has a huge tank of drum kits and individual drum stem parts and a wide range of vocals from the talented lyricist and MC Razor, that can be added as you find them into your tracks or be chopped and effected as you desire. ‘UK Drill and Trap’ brought to you contains a variety of loops and one shots perfect for creating Drill, Trap, Grime, Dubstep and more bass music genre offshoots.

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        • Trap Wave SAMPLES WAV
          April 10th, 2021
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

          Trap Wave SAMPLES WAV

          Trap Wave SAMPLES

          DiSCOVER | 10/December/2020 | 778MB

          Trap Wave, blazing sample pack is inspired by the recent emergence of ‘Wave Trap’, a new genre bending movement taking influence from the ‘PHAT’ 808 drenched old school Synth Wave and Electro of 80’s alongside the new futuristic hi tech sounds of Trap. This pack takes inspiration from legends of the scene; Plastician, Kareful, Deadcrow and Compa. Not only does this pack contain a huge range of drum loops, samples and one shots, Uh no! It also contains a vast range of atmospheres and synthetic ambiences to help give your productions that all important and never to be overlooked depth and texture. All of this combined will send you on your way to creating the nu breed of sound, the hybrid that is ‘Wave Trap’. This pack has harnessed the power of software such as Massive, FM8 and Serum to create a range of subtractive and FM synthesis, important for creating texture and atmosphere as well as giving you the beefiest bass and synths.

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          • New Wave Trap SAMPLES
            April 10th, 2021

            New Wave Trap SAMPLES

            New Wave Trap SAMPLES

            DiSCOVER | 10/December/2020 | WAV+MiDi:194MB

            Welcome to New Wave Trap Midi and Wav files for you to get inspired by and enable your creative ideas to flow with ease. Inspired by Trap and Hip Producers such as Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, Pierre Bourne, Future, and XXXTENTACION these midi files and .wavs suit not just New Wave Trap but also Grime & Hip Hop bangers. Whether you are an expert producer knocking out bumping instrumentals for MC’s for a living or just setting out on your first New Wave Trap adventures, these authentic midi and .wav files will give you a sound that will turn heads both in and out of the scene. Recorded at 150 and 160 bpm in a variety of keys we’ve provided 808s, full drum kits, chord loops, melodic top lines, baselines and FX for music making pleasure.

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            • Trap Dark MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL
              April 10th, 2021

              Trap Dark MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL

              Trap Dark MULTiFORMAT

              Team DECiBEL | 10 Apr 2021 | 1.55GB

              Embraced fully the melancholic, sinister Trap sound of now to bring you ‘Trap Dark’. A brooding, sad, mystical space awakening in top charting Trap music. Inspired by producers like Noah 40, Metro Boomin’ Drake, Future, Travis Scott, mixed with dark pianos, skitter skip hats, spare and half time atmospheres, ‘Trap Dark’ is the right mix of heavy, melancholic angst you are looking for. This is a huge collection spread out over 8 Construction Kits with everything that you need to pull yourself directly into this dark, inky corner of Trap music.

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              • Kryptic Bundle December 2020-DECiBEL
                April 9th, 2021

                Kryptic Bundle December 2020-DECiBEL

                Kryptic Samples Collection

                DECiBEL | 8 December 2020 | Vol.1: 19.1 GB | Vol.2: 17.37 GB

                ..:: WAV, MiDi, PRESETS ::..

                Genres: East Coast Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, Cloud Trap, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Trap, Rap, Boom Bap, Chill Hop, Lo-Fi Hip Hop… Kryptic is an innovative French label run by an established songwriter and pianist, Kryptic. For over 15 years, the dark and brooding atmospheres in his productions have reflected this talented musician’s style. Inspired by long-standing big names in U.S. Hip Hop, such as the legendary Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan and Killarmy, Kryptic aims to capture their emotions in his songs and loves to establish a dark and melancholy mood from the very first note. Producers looking to add evolving piano melodies, and the darker side of Urban sounds to their productions are sure to find Kryptic to be hugely inspirational.

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                • Trap Vol.2 For FM8 MiDi
                  April 9th, 2021
                  Categories: FM8, Patterns MIDI, Presets

                  Trap Vol.2 For FM8 And MiDi FiLES

                  Trap Vol.2 For FM8

                  P2P | 09 April 2021 | 10.2 MB

                  The FM8 TRAP! series explores some of the most popular ideas and types of sounds from the Trap music genre and beyond. We’ve haunted the darkest alleys, danced in the hottest clubs, produced in the studios, cheered in the concert halls, rocked the house parties and now present to you an all-out assault on your every sense. The days of specific types of sounds being reserved exclusively for one kind of music are in the past. In today’s hottest music scenes it’s all about fusion! Bringing together many types of music and influences to create new genres, moods and vibes, this approach to music-making is definitely the future. It’s evolution of sound and music at its very best!

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                  • Givenchy VOL.1 DRUM SAMPLES WAV
                    April 9th, 2021
                    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                    Givenchy VOL.1 DRUM SAMPLES WAV

                    Givenchy VOL.1 DRUM KiT

                    FANTASTiC | 09 December 2020 | 0.99 GB

                    Hi, i made this drum new kit called Givenchy, and it is MASSIVE! This kit is especially designed for Trap/R&B beats and contains literally everything you would ever need to create a dope beat. This kit is mostly made up of homemade samples, but also contains a number of selected favorites that i’ve collected over the years.

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                    • Monochrome: Trap Noir & Wavey Drill
                      April 9th, 2021
                      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                      Monochrome: Trap Noir & Wavey Drill

                      Monochrome: Trap Noir & Wavey Drill

                      FANTASTiC | 09 December 2020 | WAV: 113 MB

                      Drill Trap / 73 Loops / 8 One Shots

                      Dark, brooding, and pulsating, this pack is brimming with synths, keys, and pianos, plus resampled guitars, strings, and keys. It even includes vocals for extra flavor. Crafted by SixFoor, these one-shots and loops draw inspiration from Headie One, RV, Loski, Russ, and 67. If you’re looking for song-starts and foundational samples to kick off your UK drill, alt R&B, or deep trap production, you’ve found the right pack.

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