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  • Wizoo Magnetica E-MU-ALFiSO
    24 July 2020
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    Wizoo Magnetica E-MU-ALFiSO

    Wizoo Magnetica E-MU

    Team: ALFiSO | 10-02-2003 | 539 MB

    The last time you’ll ever lug the real thing! The definitive electromagnetic keyboards available: Rhodes Mark I/II, Suitcase Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet and Hammond B-3 (Dry, Leslie)!

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  • E-MU Analogia Project EMU-ALFiSO
    24 July 2020
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    E-MU Analogia Project EMU-ALFiSO

    E-MU Analogia Project

    Team ALFiSO | 08-07-2003 | 528.97 MB

    Feed your EOS sampler with the explosive sounds of Analogia. Expand your sampler’s sound set with this boomin’ 2-CD set by the St. Regis Brothers.

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  • Vocal Bytes v3.0 WAV-ALFiSO
    29 June 2020
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    Vocal Bytes v3.0 WAV-ALFiSO

    Vocal Bytes v3.0 WAV

    Team ALFiSO | 2003-12-14 | 337.36 MB

    Over 1.000 Vocals on audio CD

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  • East West Symphonic Adventures WAV KONTAKT AKAi CD-ALFiSO
    29 May 2020
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    East West Symphonic Adventures WAV KONTAKT AKAi CD-ALFiSO

    Symphonic Adventures

    P2P/ALFiSO | 12-01-2003 | KONTAKT: 251 MB | AKAi: 389 MB

    Symphonic Adventures is a collection of samples especially for film composers and musicians requiring powerful strings, FX, phrases, suspense, moods, etc. Symphonic Adventures explores the darker side of the orchestra with a huge set of immaculately performed and recorded stereo samples.

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  • Module Mania EMU SF2
    20 May 2020
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    Module Mania EMU SF2

    Module Mania EMU

    ALFiSO/SPiRiT | 30.01.2002 | EMU: 335.72 MB | SF2: 215.71 MB

    This release includes a complete 5 CDs Set from magesy download EMU Module Mania Series.

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  • Wizoo LoFi Junkiez Vol.2 CDDA WAV-ALFiSO
    1 August 2019
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    Wizoo LoFi Junkiez Vol.2 CDDA WAV

    Team ALFiSO | 26.07.02 | 294.79 MB

    LoFi Junkiez is the first of Wizoo’s ‘TrashCan’ loops series. Based on lower bit sample, old drum machines and hard compression, they make a great starting point. I picked this disc up from magesy download the manufacturer several months ago hoping to be ecstatic about it, but ultimately becoming bored with most of the offerings. There just isn’t enough to keep one occupied. Described as Big Beat and Break Beat drum loops ‘Totally phucked up but phunk.eee’. LoFi Junkiez is mixed Wav/AIFF disc with both Stereo and Mono variations focusing on the Cologne techno stylings. The loops have a lot of energy and are pretty authentic, but you have your work cut out for you if ya don’t want to sound like everyone else. This disc is rather limited in scope. This may be both a godsend with all the discs trying to be everything for everyone, or a disappointment because there just isn’t enough here. The loops are presented in several formats, but ultimately, you will be looking at about 50 megs of information total with 90 loops for the most part, grouped into 24 variations on a theme with 18 free standing loops.

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  • Sonic Foundry Numina I: Emotional Peak Sounds for Cinema ACiD WAV-ALFiSO
    7 May 2019
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    Numina I: Emotional Peak Sounds for Cinema

    TEAM ALFiSO | 18.08.2002 | 286 MB

    Explore familiar themes in the music of contemporary visual imagery with this gorgeous and entirely captivating group of cinematic music construction elements. With the Emotional Peak Sounds for Cinema collection, Numina synthesist/composer Jesse Sola delivers startlingly pure sounds that reference common emotions and cinematic events with the kind of flair that will make your listeners feel as if they’re having a completely new experience.

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  • Sonic Foundry Bunker 8 Extremely Abrasive Beats ACiD WAV-ALFiSO
    16 April 2019


    Extremely Abrasive Beats ACiD WAV

    TEAM ALFiSO | ACiD WAV | 18.08.2002 | 436.59 MB

    Toronto’s Bunker 8 is the happy home of one twisted company of obsessive, sunlight-deprived tweakers. Attacking from magesy download the north, they’ve infiltrated the Sony® Sound Series™ collection with locked-and-loaded copies of their Extremely Abrasive Beats library, a sonic weapon of beat loops and hits so caustic, we had to change their names to prevent a lawsuit.  Fortunately for you, we left the sounds untouched, but be very careful – EAB is an unrelentingly harsh collection of fried beats and severe accents made for launching multiple rhythmic sorties on every industrial, postrock, crunchy downtempo, abstract hip-hop, and sheer noise frontier on the map. Pain-inducing, speaker-shredding, and highly toxic, the Extremely Abrasive Beats library transforms the ACID® software device into a piece of sonic ordnance that will effortlessly incapacitate the enemy and render it harmless. Use it without mercy.

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  • Sonic Foundry Aural E Eclectic Electronica ACiD WAV-ALFiSO
    12 April 2019


    Aural E Eclectic Electronica ACiD

    TEAM ALFiSO | 16-04-2003 | 449 MB

    The Aural E: Eclectic Electronica library is Aaron Mellinger’s second contribution to the Sony Sound Series catalog, following his successful Electrocution (2001) construction kit. On this outing, Aaron stays true to his roots in popular electronica-based forms while taking side roads into electroacoustic processing, media manipulation, real-time performances, striking sound effects, stinger and stager elements, and more. Perfect as an eclectic standalone music construction kit, the Aural E loops are also ideal for multimedia developers who need positive, high-impact music and sounds of any duration. There’s something for everyone on the Aural E: Eclectic Electronica collection, an energetic, accessible construction kit that taps and unifies several music genres under rubrics of fidelity, immediacy, pop culture aesthetics, a little bit of kitsch, and the knowledge of what cool and useful sample libraries should provide.

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  • AMG Megabass REMIX! Vol.1-2 WAV CDDA-ALFiSO
    5 March 2019
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    AMG Megabass REMIX! Vol.1-2 WAV

    P2P/ALFiSO | 2009/2003 | Vol.1: 331 MB | Vol.2: 327 MB

    One of the best collections of commercial dance loops sample cds around featuring Old Skool House Loops, Slow Loops, Rave Loops, Drum Hits, Human Beatbox, Vocal Phrases, Choral Vox, Vox Shorts, Sung & Chanted Vox, Sex/Moon/Rolf Vox, Live Samples, Transform & Scratch Sounds, Scene FX, Stabs, Effects, Bangs, Whooshes, Rave Sounds, Basses & Sub-Basses, Synths, Acid, Silly, and more. In audio format.

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